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We know we are not capable of saving them all, but we take pride in knowing we have saved some and will continue to save as many as we can. 

For those we have rescued, fostered, reunited; we have made a difference in their lives, and they have made a difference in ours.

If you are able, please help us in our mission!


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Ali and Nick Yocca started rescuing animals over 8 years ago, starting with their first rescue, Chance; an American bulldog who at the time, was an older puppy. As Chance got older, Ali and Nick discovered that the life she had before finding Ali and Nick, must have been rough as she had fear aggression. Realizing that Chance may never be able to find a home and most likely would be put down, they decided to keep her themselves, work with her, and give her a home without fear.

Chance, now 10 years old, lives on a 2-acre property with them, and many other rescue siblings. Ali and Nick knew that there must be other animals out there just like chance, who deserve a “second chance” at life. The sanctuary was born and is now a place where animals that are hard to place can live out their lives in a happy home.

In 2019, along came Rosy, a look-a-like to Chance and the inspiration of the name “Second Chance Animal Rescue and Sanctuary”, who again came to Ali and Nick as a puppy, where they realized that she was untrained and probably kept in a cage her whole life, breeding. 


Ali and Nick have several rescues of their own, and continue to answer the calls of unwanted, unknown, and left animals in the Central Florida Area. Their team continues to find, care, and place these animals.

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